Spiritualized - Hey Jane

Spiritualized - Hey Jane

What's the thinking behind this cover? 

Jason Pierce: The album was always going to be called Huh?, but I couldn't for the life of me picture people going to buy it with that name. I kept picturing people locked in a Monty Python-like loop of trying to ask for the record with a question: "Have you got the new record, Huh?" "Huh?" It would just be this endless cycle. So I figured the best way to deal with that was to make the artwork like The White Album, where that name would travel and people would end up referring to the album as Huh? because it was all over the artwork. The other main thought behind it was that everybody has been moaning about the lack of 12" sleeves to put artwork on-- you know, the good old days when people made vinyl records. But I thought I'd make a piece of artwork that would work on a one-inch square. It doesn't matter how small that piece of work gets, it still looks amazing on a tiny little digital image.


Maya Duncan on 6:15 pm said...

I thought I'd compose a piece of craftsmanship that could take a shot at an one-crawl square. It doesn't matter how minor that piece of work gets, it still looks stunning on a little small online credit card casino

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