A rainy day MIX

I love rainy days in London. You can see everybody is going home, but somehow I want to go out and walk along these empty streets. Maybe not such a great idea. You might think I am very weird, but I always prefer rainy days to sunny ones. This is a mixture of some songs that I find perfect for rainy days.

1. Cocteau Twins - Bluebeard (Four-Calendar Café 1993)
2. Sondre Lerche - Never Mind The Typos (Sondre Lerche 2011)
3. The Sleepy Jackson - Acid In My Heart (Lovers 2003)
4. Band Of Horses - Wicked Gil (Everything All The Time 2006)
5. Martin L. Gore - Stardust (Counterfeit² 2003)
6. Sondre Lerche - I Guess It's Gonna Rain Today  (Heartbeat Radio 2009)


cmmy said...

love the list!!!! Bluebeard is stunning, thanks for great music!

writing jobs on 1:13 pm said...

That's a masterpiece!! Very impressive.

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