Radiohead - Lotus Flower

The first impression is not always about the music. I'm losing my focus all the time when I am listening to Radiohead's songs, as they have such indescriptive melody, however Tom Yorke's high-tone voice settles you down in Lotus Flower even if some say he sounds like a travesty.

Being one of the best bands also causes obstacles in creating something worthwhile for their next step in the music business. They continue to mesmerize their fans, however 'Lotus Flower' is just another Radiohead song. I'm sorry but I just can't catch the right tune in it, because it sounds more like 'Massive Attack', certainly something other than Radiohead.

I believe that "The King Of Limbs" is more likely going to be another album like "In Rainbows" which didn't get a lot of attention. Tom Yorke, I'm sorry but you look like a cracker in this one:

Radiohead - Lotus Flower


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