Love Like Blood by Killing Joke - Truly Classic

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The weather is always cloudy in London. And I sometimes like to jump from out of my window and run to nowhere. So I decided to share the music for those who feel the same. It's been a quite while since I last wrote to the MM classics section. The day is today to reveal my music of pandora's box. This song is officially included Killing Joke's "Night Time" album if you want to search for it. This band is quite weird because they were quasi-metal ban, then their music had turned to an alternative, dance even dance-rock music. Later on, however, they turned to the metal music band again that I never got those music or the concept.

"Love Like Blood" is a kind of song calling to a tune of doom and gloom which you can tell from its melody easily. It's so essential!
Killing Joke = Love Like Blood

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