Piccadilly Palare mp3 by Morrissey from new Bona Drag (Remastered Reissue)

One of the most complicated British musicians Morrissey's remastered reissue of 'Bona Drag' starts with a favourite song of mine which is 'Piccadilly Palare'. It is funny that I hear a woman in the underground, saying to her daughter 'Piccadilly', and the little girl finds the area name very funny, keep laughing to her mother. This song is not as funny as this little story but bitter.

Morrissey chose to write about a subject unusual in pop music, namely male prostitution around the Piccadilly area of London. The title of the song refers to cant slang language polari, first used by male prostitutes in the 19th century and was then taken up by homosexuals in the 1960s to disguise sexual predilections which were illegal in the UK until 1967.

Morrisey - Piccadilly Palare


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