Bedroom Playlist Songs for Adults

The song comes from Momus’ Tender Pervert (1998) record that is covered with intelligent lyrics, political views in a funny way of telling.

From The Valley To The Stars is very nice poppy, outstanding cut from successful Swedish artist. “Somebody’s baby” reminds me relationships which you are taken for granted.

At the first drum roll we undress
At the second drum roll we get into bed
To ensure order and silence
Silence always makes me scream

Anita Lane’s quite mature lyrics somehow help you to learn about regretful sex experience you had with someone who fucked and throw you after a while. Love has been a clichĂ© in lyrics, but however, Lane’s lyrics are worth to listen on her Sex O' Clock (2001) record.

You had big tits and every boy in school wanted to fuck you
You told me stories about what these boys could do
"they rip off your clothes, all they wanna do is screw"
Cans of hairspray piled up like skyscrapers

We had a sweet interview with her recently, can be found here.

I like and support young bands, but I still in much love with old records like anything from Tim Buckley, Joni Mitchell, Cocteau Twins… Leonard’s demanding lyrics with Famous Blue Raincoat may hit anybody at first stream. I can tell that this is the best song written about cheating.


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