A Good Speaker Will Make You Love Music

When I was very young and going to primary school I started to discover various kinds of music. In the old days I use to record songs onto tape and then make my friend listen to them on my tape recorder. I didn’t have any good sound system and so I adapted by buying a speaker from a car part seller and connecting it to my old radio. It those days it wasn’t great, but it worked, and I would dance in the garden with my friends listening to the Spice Girls.

As I grew older I realised that in any sound system, quality depends on the speakers. The best recording encoded on the most advanced storage device like tapes, CD’s and DVD’s and played by a deck and amplifier will sound awful if connected to a poor speaker. It is essential to choose a good speaker that will produce high quality sound and which has high frequency levels.

Technology has changed and these days there are various speakers to choose from such as a floor standing speaker, a subwoofer, or a satellite system speaker. When it comes to the sound a good speaker should produce clear, natural and lively sound with no distortion, and almost give the impression that you are listening to a live performance.

When I review an album it is only fair that I consider the beats, layers, every single melody, and I can only do this by having a good quality speaker. My favourite music is rock and alternative music which often needs to be listened to very loud or you may not be able to enjoy it. I can listen to some of my favourites, Brian Eno, David Sylvian, El Perro Del Mar, Beach House and close my eyes, let the music travel to my ears, and visualise that I am there when the artist first produced the album.

I really can’t imagine ever going back to listening to music on my old tape recorder!

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