Les Savy Fav - Root For Ruin

"Root For Ruin" will be released on Wichita Recordings on Sept. 13. The band's guitarist, Syd Butler, told about LP that "captures all the best parts of Les Savy Fav". Brooklyn-based five-piece Les Savy Fav's opening punky art rock song is quite favorable and the rest of album flows.

Due to copyrights, sharing of any of these tracks is not possible here . However, "Root For Ruin" would be nice to listen if you were interested in any Les Savy Fav songs before.

The tracklisting for 'Root For Ruin's is:
'Dirty Knails'
'Sleepless in Silverlake'
'Let's Get Out of Here'
'Lips n' Stuff'
'High and Unhinged'
'Excess Engergies'
'Dear Crutches'
'Calm Down'
'Clear Spirits'

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