Heart-Ships - "Heart of a Wrestler"

Heart-Ships is a very new band from Leeds UK , made up of 7 passionate musicians and songwriters, they've been playing together for under a year and have just started gigging and recording. They reminded me Sunset Rubdown a bit, but I only say that to give you an idea about what a crazy music they play! This abstract artwork needs a little more work (well it looks quite creepy), I loved Heart-Ships' brand new song though.

This is not a love song!
mp3: Heart-Ships - Heart of a Wrestler

more about them: http://www.myspace.com/heartships


Anonymous said...

This is an amazing band, i saw them in leeds not long ago and they blew me away

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Asolutely amazing band! It's refreshing to watch a band where all members are extremely talented. There passionate and very entertaining to see... They definately won't disappoint! HEARTSHIPS x

Anonymous said...

I heart heartships.

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