The Songs are sad, The Songs are Happy

I would drink some green tea, but I couldn't drink any. Took my coat and my portable music player, (I don't want to advertise which one I use recently), and start to walk to the place with music on my head. A friend of mine once said, "I can't listen slow songs when I am walking on the street". It's weird that I can listen any slow and gloomy songs while I am walking on crowded streets. Destroyer's "Your Blues" (2004) is the record playing through my veins. How amazing some records are, I find it very amazing to catch an amazing song on albums. Still, It was a cruel world to be positive. And every happy song I played like "Lady Gaga - Just Dance", I want to listen a sad song like "Let Me Go" by Nouvelle Vague in the end. 'Sometimes I wish I was a pretty girl, So I could wreck myself in the shower' sings Robyn Hitchcock, he shows how funny the world is we live in. We sometimes want a big thing on our mouth, then other day we mention about love.

Sadness and happiness, both sides of the world. If you want to be happy, sadness comes to your next. They must be both old friends and lovers. I drowned in worrying about anything. People could be very cruel to kill each other, how can you mention to them how good the world is. They are blinded by noises around. If they could catch a tune, It would save their soul. It makes the world more beautiful.

mp3s to throw empty glass to your computer screen:
mp3: Robyn Hitchcock - Nocturne
mp3: Divine Comedy - A Woman Of The World
mp3: The Strokes - Alone, Together

Now lets get on our jeep and spend some money
Lady Gaga - Paparazzi:


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