Just wanted to Share How I create My iPod Playlists

I often carry my iPod with me when I am outside. That's how I listen to new records, then I share my ideas on this blog. However, I can't find a notable record to write here these days. I therefore still listen to the records that I love such as The Dears' "No City Left", The Strokes' "Is This It", Jenny Wilson's "Hardships" and many others

Creating a good playlist is some kind of art to my opinion. The songs should match well together. For example, If you want to put Beyonce's "Crazy In love" you can also put Antony's live cover of the same song there. Say, you had Klaus Nomi songs in your ipod, I'd also add some David Bowie or Patrick Wolf on the playlist. Believe me it brings the listener great joy! Galileo, Galileo, Galileo—Figaro!

mp3: Adele - Cold Shoulder
mp3: CocoRosie - Tekno Love Song


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