Cocorosie: "Grey Oceans"

This is the band's Sub Pop Records debut since their departure from Touch and Go Records. You can hear  contribution of jazz pianist Gael Rakotondrabe on some of the songs. I loved the new Cocorosie completely.

Undertakes is of the best songs they've created like "Tekno Love Song". "The Moon Asked the Crow" proves that they love every style in music, as hunting lyrics and stunning instruments go by you find yourself in some other place dreaming.

Undertaker Lyrics:
Under what spell the guarding light be took the undertaker
Under his gaze did fall search evil blunder
Characters of flaming eyes eager to burn the wooden castle
Eager towards the paper heart of children birds
The aching starlit, the singing sinew, the wining ghost, brutal window
Snowy harlot, Chaffing mine eyes the sun paper kiss
Bloody rose on my cheek, purple kiss of stardust
Pink baloon of time candied on the inside Baby pitbull butterfly

Rating: 10/10

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Anonymous said...

beautiful song

Chocosaur said...

Amazing! I can't waaaaaaait
I'm so glad they're going more accoustic in contrast to god has a voice, i was a little afraid of the new album being too much like that song as I don't really like it that much. The preview clip of smokey taboo made me pretty sure they wouldn't though :]
I love this song already. WEEEE

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