The Horrors - Primary Colours

It's been two years, but finally The Horrors are back. 'Who Can Say' is taken from the brand new album 'Primary Colours', set for release on May 4th. Primary Colours is the second The Horrors, music journalist Mike Diver commented that the album was "set to be one of the year's best" and that it was "wholly worth all the hype that’s attracted to its unexpected brilliance".

1. Mirror's Image
2. Three Decades
3. Who Can Say
4. Do You Remember
5. New Ice Age
6. Scarlet Fields
7. I Only Think Of You
8. I Can't Control Myself
9. Primary Colours
10. Sea Within A Sea

The Horrors - Who Can Say

Official Website | Myspace

High Ratings:
Culturedeluxe (9/10) read
Drowned In Sound (9/10) read (9/10) read

Alternative rock Top 10

1. Green Day - Know Your Enemy
Go to to watch new Green Day and read review.

2. Basement Jaxx - Raindrops
You can listen the song from Pitchforkmedia.

4. Maximo Park - The Kids Are Sick Again

5. Placebo - Batlle For The Sun

6. Jarvis Cocker - Angela

7. Bat For Lashes - Daniel

8. Sunset Rubdown - Idiot Heart
Just download from the link.

9. Kasabian - Fire

10. Dirty Projectors - Stillness Is the Move

The Mountain Goats & John Vanderslice - Moon Colony Bloodbath

New ep is recorded by two good musician John Darnielle and John Vanderslice, this EP is a concept album about organ harvesting colonies on the moon.

Check out Mountain Goats forum to read honest discussion of the fans about Moon Colony Bloodbath. Scorpio Rising where Vanderslice sings well has been a great song. My first impression is good, more and more exciting The Mountain Goats songs.

The Mountain Goats & John Vanderslice - Scorpio Rising

Tracklist and Notes:
1. "Surrounded" - 2:21
2. "Lucifer Rising" - 2:48
3. "Satori In Denver" - 2:35
4. "Scorpio Rising" - 2:30 *John Vanderslice has a great voice
5. "Sudden Oak Death" - 3:16 *John Darnielle's best vocal performance
6. "Columns Pillars Steps" - 2:31 *this song is great
7. "Emerging" - 2:54

Band Myspace | Official Page

Jarvis Cocker Angela New Single

Jarvis Cocker's new style looks horrible, however new song is good. Further Complications will be released on May 18, 2009 (UK), May 19, 2009 (USA). The new LP is produced by Steve Albini.

Jarvis Cocker - Angela

Maximo Park Quicken The Heart - out 11th May

Third Maximo Park album will be released on out 11th May. The new single "The Kids Are Sick Again" is Out 4th May 2009. Register to download Free MP3 of new song ‘Wraithlike’ now!!! This becomes a trend, every band follows the same way.

Here's The Kids Are Sick Again's new video. It starts off dark but there are unique LED lights that illuminate each section. Maximo Park promises "Quicken The Heart", there are more powerful songs.

Paul Smith once again becomes a great singer with the song "A Cloud Of Mystery", such a great voice. On previous album there was a song named as "Books From Boxes", it was clear proof of this beautiful voice. Quicken The Heart needs more spin, then i can write down my high rating.

Maximo Park - The Kids Are Sick Again

New songs list 2009

Pop Rock Top 10
1. Lily Allen - Not Fair

2. Fastball - All I Was Looking For Was You

3. Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone

4. La Roux - In For The Kill

5. Dogs Die in Hot Cars - Pop Nonsense

6. Death Cab For Cutie - Little Bribes

7. Enrique Iglesias Ft Ciara - Takin' Back My Love

8. Depeche Mode - Wrong

9. The Pussycat Dolls - Jai Ho

10. Beyonce - Halo

The Modern Music Recommended 5

1. Patrick Wolf - Vulture
2. St. Vincent - Actor Out of Work
3. Graham Coxon - This House
4. John Vanderslice - Fatal Horses
5. El Perro del Mar - Change Of Heart

Feist - Mushaboom

Patrick Wolf - Vulture - EP

Patrick Wolf loves obscure beats, lyrics and complexity. His songs are always combined with his young passionate soul. The album covers are like from a Japan movie or Japan video game. His hair styles remind me all over David Sylvian, and the dark and sad songs shows that this artist love great female star of rock music history, Nico.

Vulture is his best and most powerful song, some Gary Numan, David Bowie and David Sylvian dust bring high quality music. It's not a surprise, though. Because his every song deserves a listen. English singer released another great album in 2006, it was The Magic Position. It was an unbelievable record, you should check this album.

Vulture Ep comes 4 songs which are The Tinderbox and three version Vulture. I prefer original version of Vulture. It's a great song, thanks Patrick Wolf.

Hercules & Love Affair

Hercules & Love Affair was simply one of best projects in 2008, i listen the self-titled record over and over. Blind, Athene, Time Will, Hercules' Theme and Blind are all amazing tracks.

A musical project from New York based DJ Andy Butler. Members include Nomi Ruiz, Kim Ann Foxman and Antony Hegarty (lead vocalist in Antony & The Johnsons). Their single "Blind" was released on 3 March, 2008, and their debut album was released on 10 March. Their self-titled album has been critically well-received and charted in the top 40 in several countries. And i still listen this album, this proves its success.

Hercules & Love Affair - Athene

Lots of Good Songs, No Time to Listen

I haven't had a lot of time lately to sift through all my new music downloads. It's annoying because I know there's great stuff waiting to be heard and shared. But here are two songs I have come upon recently. The first is a thoughtful, quiet song from last year that somehow managed to get overlooked. It’s so lovely… and sad. I love the lyrics. The other is a new song from this year. It has lots of buzzy reverb cloaking the crunchy, catchy beats that remind me (even though I hate making comparisons) of The Raveonettes. Enjoy.

Lior- I’ll Forget You (feat. Sia)

Gliss- Morning Light

St. Vincent - Actor

It's boring writing some stupid words about albums. I think it's enough to say that it's what i like or i don't like it. So i thought it'd be a good idea writing down some myspace comments about new record. (btw Actor has been flawless)

*simply magnificent, you are...i LOVE your music and just got turned onto it and will catch you at mercy lounge on the 11th. i can't WAIT! this is the best music i've heard in a long time!

*really loving the new album annie clark! your a star!

*pre-ordering my vinyl...oh yeah!! so glad for a second album!!!

official site


I thought it'd be a great idea picking an artist and sharing their songs weekly. I love James, their every record was good. Laid, Sit Down, Come Home and many great songs. I won't put every song, please search out for their albums and buy them if you like these songs.

In 2008, the band released a new album "Hey Ma".

James will be making their summer debut at the Oxegen Festival on Friday 10th July 2009. Performing alongside Snow Patrol and the Pet Shop Boys, this will be a great start to the season.

James - Come Home (Goldmother 1990)
James - Lose Control (Goldmother 1990)
James - Heavens (Seven 1992)
James - Sit Down (Goldmother 1990)
James - Sometimes (Laid 1993)
James - Just Like Fred Astaire (Millionaires 1999)

Pop Nonsense (2009) by Dogs Die in Hot Cars NEW!

Dogs Die in Hot Cars are a Scottish band which became popular in the UK and with their big hit ""I Love You 'Cause I Have To" in 2004. Please Describe Yourself is the debut album, Pop Nonsense (2009) is their first album in 5 years.

I'm loving the new album, Pop Nonsense is the latest single right now. It's fun that there are new 17 song in Pop Nonsense. Here you can listen all demos. It's been a fresh summer record.

Dogs Die in Hot Cars - Pop Nonsense

Graham Coxon - The Spinning Top

The Spinning Top is another interesting album from talented Blur member Graham Coxon. "The Spinning Top" is a concept album which tells a story about a man from birth to death. * The album is mainly acoustic, although there are some electric guitars on it. "I wanted to show how exciting acoustic instruments can be, how dynamic and rich and heart-thumpingly raw they can sound at a time when acoustic music seems either too cute or too soppy," says Graham.

* Guest artists on the album include Graham Fox (drums), Robyn Hitchcock (guitar), Danny Thompson (double-bass) and Louis Vause (piano). * Robyn's contribution is remarkable here and I like it very much. The albums was recorded in the spring 2008, but the release was delayed. Because Graham was dropped from his previous label, EMI. This House is the latest Graham single. I must admit it is a wonderful melody.

Graham Coxon - This House

Romanian Names new John Vanderslice record!

First, i love this musician, making his previous album Emerald City my favorite record of 2008. It was such memorable and great record. With Romanian Names, John Vanderslice follows same obscure melodies, like running in the rain, or you find a tune that you can play with your cat with. Second track "Fetal Horses" sounds same as another song "White Dove" on Emerald City. This album sounds great, but, however i don't find it very challenging. Romanian Names is a playful, happy, sometimes sad and it's another good Vanderslice record. 7/10

My track picks: Fetal Horses, C & O Canal, Romanian Names

John Vanderslice - Fatal Horses

Ryuichi Sakamoto's new original album "Out of Noise"

I'm excited writing and sharing about this record. Ryuichi's Beauty album is a masterpiece clearly, this record "Out of Noise" is another journey to his mysterious world in experimental rock music.

Ryuichi Sakamoto’s new original album, Out of Noise, will be released April 3, 2009. Out of Noise will feature 12 new tracks, and will be Sakamoto’s first new release in five years. This album will be followed by a series of 21 live performances throughout Japan, which will be recorded and distributed within 24 hours in Japan exclusively via iTunes. New album sounds well!

Official Page

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Disko

El Perro del Mar's new mini-album "Love Is Not Pop"

One bit of exciting news is the announcement of a new release — well a mini-album — from El Perro Del Mar (Sarah Assbring). The forthcoming release titled Love Is Not Pop contains seven new songs, which were recorded with Rasmus Hägg, who is one half of the Swedish electronic duo, Studio.

1 I Gotta Get Smart
2 Change Of Heart
3 L Is For Love
4 Let Me In
5 Heavenly Arms
6 Is It Something (To Have Wept)
7 A Better Love

El Perro del Mar - Change Of Heart

Peter Bjorn & John- Living Thing (2009)

The first single released ahead of the full album by Peter Bjorn & John left me feeling unimpressed. It was strange, and it felt like a bizarre little specimen plucked out of a curio cabinet and offered for examination without any background detail to help me understand it. So I wasn’t expecting much when I sat down to review this album.

So imagine my amazement when I was very pleasantly surprised by how listenable the album is a whole! Suddenly that strange curio is put into context, and it all falls into place. I even found myself starting to love the single I had disliked before, ‘Nothing To Worry About’. Like a bone separated from a skeleton the song meant nothing to me until it was returned to its proper place and given new meaning.

Tribal chants and jerky rhythms stripped of all but the essential flesh left me feeling off guard and open to the spare trace of synthesizers and the hollow, eerie wails of the vocals. Dark primitive percussive beats mingled with space-age austerity and every song had a powerful feeling of distance , desperation and longing. Some of the songs even seem to display a kind of playfulness on the part of the band, with ‘Lay It Down’ being a prime example. It’s a little serious, but pretty bouncy and funny too in an ever-so-lightly-threatening way. ‘Blue Period Picasso’ is both a serious love song but also a great tongue-cheek art metaphor. I believe I can only grow to like individual songs even more as I hear them again and again, and as I pick up the subtlety within. The songs are so bare that’s hard to imagine that so much merit can be hidden within, but it’s there and it’s stirring. “Living Thing” gets a solid 8/10 from me. I really recommend checking out the full album.


Here’s my favorite song from the album:

Peter Bjorn & John- It Don’t Move Me

Fastball is back with "Little White Lies"

American rock band returns with a great rock album "Little White Lies". It's been great, i 've listened all new songs. You can steam four new songs on their myspace. Always Never and The Malcontent are cool tracks for the openning part of new album.

The most famous Fastball song "The Way" entered Us Modern Rock Chart at number 1. It's also one of the best Fastball songs.

Their fifth full length album, "Little White Lies" will be released on April 14, 2009. You don't want to miss this! 9/10

Highlights: Always Never, Little White Lies, How Did I Get Here?

Fastball - All I Was Looking For Was You

Death Cab For Cutie - The Open Door (2009)

Death Cab For Cutie is releasing an new EP entitled The Open Door, containing 4 new tracks and a demo. Although the 4 new tracks are a little different from those on the last album, The Open Door can be considered a companion piece to Narrow Stairs. The new songs are being showcased in Death Cab's live shows and they wanted to make them available to all of their fans.

It's one of few bands that i've been addicted to listen. Little Bribes is my favorite DCFC song right now!

Death Cab For Cutie - Little Bribes

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Gomez A New Tide (new 2009)

The British band Gomez release A NEW TIDE is out in Australia, UK/Europe, and US (Japanese release date is April 3.

Indie rock band Gomez performed last night on the show. If you missed last night's performance of Airstream Driver, you can watch it here.

Very new Gomez song Airstrean Driver sounds crazy as every single Gomez song.

Gomez - Airstream Driver

Myspace | Official

The Stunners- Bubblegum = Ugh

Sometimes you need to listen to the bad to appreciate the good. Sometimes you need to listen to the horrible to appreciate just how horrible something can really be. That’s about the best reason I can give to listen to the song below. I suppose overwhelming curiosity is another good one. If you’re like me, you won’t be able to resist. You just have to know whether it’s really that bad.

Clearly these girls (young women? Strumpets?) were picked for their looks and not their voices; it’s all been fed through a computer and polished with auto-tune anyway, so who needs talent? The words are crappy at best and over all it’s an utterly vapid listening experience which may actually leech IQ points out of your brain. But if you’re curious…

The Stunners- Bubblegum

Bill Callahan - Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle

Bill Callahan keeps writing his melancholic songs, after spending his 20 years with "Smog" albums. Now he releases his second great album under his own name. Woke on a Whaleheart has been a great record, and Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle moves his music one step beyond, including glamorous cinematic music, piano, violins and many heartbreaker instruments.

This is completely natural, gloomy and deep music.

Highlights: Jim Cain, Eid Ma Clack Shaw, The Wind And The Dove, Too Many Birds
Bill Callahan on Dragcity | Myspace

Bill Callahan - Too Many Birds *removed.

The Thermals - Now We Can See

The Thermals live in Portland, Oregon. The band was formed in 2002. They have recently finished their fourth LP, "Now We Can See", due out on Kill Rock Stars april 7, 2009. The record is about love, death and evolution. Learn more about The Thermals by visiting their website here.

I love this band so much.

The Thermals - Now We Can See

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