Brett Anderson: "Slow Attack" 2009 NEW RECORD

Slow Attack' is Brett Anderson's third solo album since the breakup of Suede and The Tears, with the latter on a seemingly permanent hiatus.

After the release of two instrumentally stark and haunting solo albums (‘Brett Anderson’ and ‘Wilderness’), ‘Slow Attack’ presents Brett Anderson in a lighter mood, returning to a fuller musical sound with songs featuring woodwind, strings and even the odd hurdy gurdy and glass keyed marimba.

The songs have a lighter, uplifting feel and showcase Brett’s voice at its very best. Produced and co-written by multi instrumentalist Leo Abrahams (Brian Eno, David Holmes), the album is already being rated as highly as Brett’s former band Suede’s early ‘Dog Man Star’ album.
One Leaked Track to Download:
Brett Anderson - The Hunted


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