Whitney Houston returns new songs at "I Look to You" (2009)

Whitney returns to sing in her heavenly way. I saw the album cover when google about some other music. Then, the album caught me again another nice music source Billboard. Decided to check her official myspace page, Million Dollar Bill was the first hit which shined through my body. It made me to remember Heartbreak Hotel, I Am Your Baby Tonight, I'm Every Woman which are Whitney's disco-soul moments. The title-song has been a very nostalgic song, it's written by R.Kelly, and proves she can still sing.

The Artists such as Whitney are stars, they come and their music shine through you. Don't be sorry for them after the big loss. I dont like it, they organized some kind of party-like funeral for Micheal Jackson. Make this world a better place to live, appreciate someone who you love before he/she goes away.

MM Highlights: Million Dollar Bill, Nothin' But Love, For The Lovers, I Look to You

Whitney Houston - Million Dollar Bill
Whitney Houston - Nothin' But Love


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