Sugababes: "Get Sexy" Hit New Song

That's for sure it's not chart topper such as Black Eyed Peas' I Gotta Feelin' or Kanye West (I think Kanye sucks with his recent songs), Rihanna and Jay-z collaborate "Run This Town". They singing "Too sexy in this Club". I remember when Sugababes are three little girl singing their first great hit "Overload". Now they sound between The Black Eyed Peas and Missy Elliott with "Get Sexy". However, this nasty disco-pop hit works well!

Check out the silly lyrics like we see in the most disco songs:
Silly boys, they lovin' me so much,
Silly boys, you can look but you can't touch,
Silly boys, I ain't got no time to talk,
Silly boys, just shut up and watch me walk!

This part is very funny " Cause I'm too sexy in this club, too sexy in this club,"
"Get Sexy" Video


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