Movits!- Swedish Hip-Hop Swing!

'Äppelknyckarjazz', the album by Swedish band Movits! went from unknown to sensation after Stephen Colbert featured the band on his show on July 27th. The songs are a wild combination of jazz, big band, swing and hip-hop, and they're all sung in rapid-fire Swedish. They may have been shoved into popularity by a Colbert-fueled craze but they seem to genuinely speak to urban Swedish culture and one need only to look up the lyrics for 'Fel del av gården' to see they have a real message to met out. Their uniqueness alone makes them worth hearing!

Movits!- Fel del av gården


Dixie Biscuits on 6:03 pm said...

It´s called Swing-hop: and it´s so freakin coooool!

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