Joe Pernice covers "Hello It's Me" on new album "It Feels So Good When I Stop"

It Feels Good When I (Novel Soundtrack) is a companion piece to Joe Pernice’s debut novel It Feels So Good When I Stop. And in this Novel Soundtrack album, there is a favorite song of mine originally by Todd Rundgren, Hello It's Me. It's been a fresh cover, Joe Pernice's voice goes perfect with his acoustic guitar.

mp3: Hello It's Me

It Feels So Good When I Stop tracklist:
1. Found A Little Baby (Plush)
2. Go To Pieces (Del Shannon)
3. I’m Your Puppet (James and Bobby Purify)
4. Soul and Fire (Sebadoh)
5. Chevy Van (Sammy Johns)
6. Tell Me When It’s Over (The Dream Syndicate)
7. Chim Chim Cheroo (Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews)
8. Black Smoke, No Pope (The Young Accuser)
9. That’s How I Got to Memphis (Tom T. Hall)
10. Hello It’s Me (Todd Rundgren)


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