New! Album Stellastarr*: Civilized

Stellastarr is a band which mixing a lot different styles Interpol to Arcade Fire, or The Breeders to Lush (You remember those amazing sugary female vocals). And you may love their "Civilized" album, if you're into one of those indie rock bands.

"Prom Zombie" is their first nice track to grow their Arcade Fire-like style on you. This soft indie pop track. There are songs which are more aggressive tracks; "War Child" and opener "Robot". This aggressive and noisy sound reminds you Pixies' weird songs.

Vocalist Shawn Christensen has stated that the third album will be "faster, less mid-tempo. More energy, more rock, slightly more aggressive." He also went on to state that he'd been battling with throat issues which necessitated a change in his singing style. "I had to alter the intonation of my voice. I will be singing in a higher register for the most part, where I would normally go to a lower one.”

mp3: Stellastarr* - Prom Zombie

you can stream some of the songs from the new album: Myspace page


Anonymous said...

An amazing underrated album.

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