Fever Ray

Near the beginning of the year an album came out that was eerie, beautiful, and mesmerizing. Every song sounded as if it was recorded in the depths of midnight, under the black fog of graveyard, by a spirit reflecting on her former life. Both corporeal in its beats and incorporeal in its distorted vocals, ‘Fever Ray’ was immediately unique and surprisingly easy to fall in love with despite the considerable chill it leaves on the listener’s skin. The titular character, Karin Dreijer Andersson as Fever Ray, is a phantom more than a singer and each successive dirge wraps around the listener like a shroud. And yet the beats are alive and moving! They have more vitality than the vocals, they dance over the top of every song, and yet the two work together seamlessly to create a new sound, unlike any other; a sound both danceable and haunting.

The quintessential creepy song must be ‘If I Had A Heart’. ‘When I Grow Up’ and ‘Triangle Walks’ are two stand-outs.


Fever Ray- If I Had A Heart

Fever Ray- Triangle Walks (Rex the Dog Remix)


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