Awesome Deal on Fanfarlo's New Album 'Reservoir'

I’ve known about the band Fanfarlo for maybe a month. I’d listened to only a few of their songs, but what I heard was so good I made a mental note to seek out more someday. So when I heard through the grapevine that the band was basically giving away their entire album Reservoir, plus bonus tracks, for only one dollar, I jumped on it quick. Try and name one thing you can get for one dollar these days, and if you can even come up with anything I can guarantee it won’t be as good as this! Even if you don't know you're going to like it, what harm can there be in dropping one dollar for 15 songs? Get it while you can, the offer is only good until July 4th.

Download the entire album for $1! Get it here:


Sound of the Blue Heart on 12:44 am said...

The powerful and enigmatic Johnny Indovina fronted the critically acclaimed band of the late 80's and 90's, Human Drama. The band made its mark on the Los Angeles music scene, then the national scene...a mark that has barely faded despite the decades that have passed.  In 2006, Indovina debuted his new group, Sound of the Blue Heart, with the album titled ...Beauty?  On July 14 the second release from Sound of the Blue Heart will be released.  It is titled Wind of Change and 2 singles are currently available on iTunes, Rhapsody, etc. It features some of Indovina's best work to date.

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