Sunset Rubdown - Dragonslayer

Vocalist Keyboardist Spencer Krug of the critically hailed Montreal band Wolf Parade (as well as part time Frog Eyes member) leads Sunset Rubdown, returns another rock album with lots of lauds, dreams, bells, piano beats and a broken voice.

"Dragonslayer" grabs soul of rock music, throws indie waves with eight new songs. The piano parts rings in your ear, opener "Silver Moons" is maybe one of the best Sunset Rubdown work. Its laud, spicy beats do not change here, Idiot Heart is the first single from "Dragonslayer". Like a disco rock song, fast guitar lines echo through the song, and i must note his amazing keybord performance at the end of song.

His anthem-like indie rock style comes once again to disturb your usual taste in music.

Highlights: Idiot Heart, Paper Lace

mp3 download:
Sunset Rubdown - Black Swan


Anonymous said...

6 out of 10? That is harsh man

KC on 7:05 pm said...

"like indie rock style comes once again to disturb your usual taste in music"

What is my usual taste?

This album is bananas...

Anonymous on 5:52 am said...

This is album does not top random spirit lover but it is a solid album, 8/10

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