Patrick Wolf - The Bachelor (album details)

The Bachelor is set to be released by Universal Records on June 1. New record sounds authentic and poppier than previous Patrick Wolf albums.

A guest actress Tilda Swinton also appears on many songs such as "Oblivion","Theseus" and "Damaris. I loved her appearance. Each songs were written at two totally different times. You can feel this interruption in the middle of "The Bachelor". Some songs are amazingly great, however some of them have good reason to ignore listening, like every Wolf album. "Vulture" makes your whole spirit black, and i thought it would be a dark electronic album. However, first single "Vulture" is maybe the strangest one of all the new songs.

The artwork looks like a playstation 3 game cover. It's designed by Ada Zanditon and Gary Card.
I wonder what is the idea about purple magic light on Patrick Wolf's hands? Is he going to cast a magic spell on us?

Another nice Patrick Wolf album, i love his music despite all queerness.

Highlights: Hard Times, Oblivion, Damaris, Vulture

Patrick Wolf - Vulture
Patrick Wolf - Magic Position


Anonymous said...

It's not released by Universal Records, its been funded by his fans via Bandstocks & is released by his own new record label 'Bloody Chamber Music'.

brad on 6:39 am said...

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jimmy white songwriter on 1:01 pm said...

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Anonymous said...

patrick wolf is straight and what is so wrong with Queeriness You ignorant fool. lotta love dj kayak .....grow up!

Anonymous said...

you really think that he's straight?!?

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