Manners- Passion Pit

'Manners' is finally out, and Passion Pit does not disappoint! After building up inordinate amounts of hopes and expectations for this release I was excited (and relieved) by how strong the entire album is, and how well it lives up to the hype. While 'Sleepyhead' is as good as ever and 'Moths Wings' is still my favorite, I've added several new favs to that list. 'To Kingdom Come' is a stand-out and the opener 'Make Light' is a brilliant wake up call to this band's talent.

The songs waver between soft and soaring to glowing and ecstatic, but the album does not waver in strength. There are fun dance tracks here, and they live side by side with much deeper sonic pools. Each of the tracks is a delight to tumble into; synth beats swarm throughout, and falsettos are keen and howling. Lyrics are brilliant, and the depth of each song grows with every listen. It’s great to see a band touch on delicacy and beauty and then swing right into raucous and carefree abandon. There was not a single song I didn't love, and my admiration for this band has reached new heights. In short... this may be my pick for album of the year!

Crank this thing up loud!


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