The Stunners- Bubblegum = Ugh

Sometimes you need to listen to the bad to appreciate the good. Sometimes you need to listen to the horrible to appreciate just how horrible something can really be. That’s about the best reason I can give to listen to the song below. I suppose overwhelming curiosity is another good one. If you’re like me, you won’t be able to resist. You just have to know whether it’s really that bad.

Clearly these girls (young women? Strumpets?) were picked for their looks and not their voices; it’s all been fed through a computer and polished with auto-tune anyway, so who needs talent? The words are crappy at best and over all it’s an utterly vapid listening experience which may actually leech IQ points out of your brain. But if you’re curious…

The Stunners- Bubblegum


Agatao said...

It's true, the worst post of ever!

Anonymous said...

well your wrong they clearly sing very well and one is my cousin in which she is an awsome singer until you personally here them sing then u can write all thee crap you want

Anonymous said...

This is clearly not their best song and is very computerised but they have talent. Just wait and see.

Shannon=) said...

i acually believe there song is really good, im surprized there not popular. I think they will make it dig cause they have talent

jordyn said...

i love the stunners they are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Allie signed my arm!

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