Patrick Wolf - Vulture - EP

Patrick Wolf loves obscure beats, lyrics and complexity. His songs are always combined with his young passionate soul. The album covers are like from a Japan movie or Japan video game. His hair styles remind me all over David Sylvian, and the dark and sad songs shows that this artist love great female star of rock music history, Nico.

Vulture is his best and most powerful song, some Gary Numan, David Bowie and David Sylvian dust bring high quality music. It's not a surprise, though. Because his every song deserves a listen. English singer released another great album in 2006, it was The Magic Position. It was an unbelievable record, you should check this album.

Vulture Ep comes 4 songs which are The Tinderbox and three version Vulture. I prefer original version of Vulture. It's a great song, thanks Patrick Wolf.


Disco D on 2:42 pm said...

Patrick loves Gary Numan.
So do millions of other Numanoids.

Patrick hasn't written a classic song (yet) unlike Numan.
I guess that still makes him a fanboy?

Other words spring to mind...

Please write a classic song soon, Patrick. Just one will do. It doesn't even have to be a hit single.

Anonymous said...

Hi D, I think if you listen to other songs by Patrick, you'll find he's written an awful lot of classics. Gary Numan was all well and good, but a fine example of a one trick pony. Patrick Wolf is constantly evolving and bringing fresh and exciting elements to his music. When you have listened to the music he has made so far, you will have to agree that although he clearly has influences, he rarely copies, and his music is therefore hard to compare.

Disco D on 2:10 am said...

From Tubeway Army to Gary Numan to
Dramatis to bringing Pino Palladino (Paul Young) and Mick Kahn (Japan) on bass to Electric mandolin/violin player - Nash The Slash to Bill Sharpe (Change Your Mind) right the way through all the other madness. Unlike PW, GN had a knack for writing hit songs (and fan anthems) - and THAT is always key.

Numan was never a one-trick pony.
That's like saying Kraftwerk were!
Oh, maybe they WERE!
GN was never completely electronic like early John Foxx or The Human League. Although, I did go off him when he went 'Industrial' (before the term was invented). Never did get into Nine Inch Nails etc.

I guess if I were 18 years old with little knowledge of the last 40 years of music, Patrick Wolf would seem quite... WOW.
Unfortunately, I don't.
I think he's alright.
But, he wears his influences on his sleeve too boldly.
This would be forgivable if he could write hit songs.

I bought his Limited Editon EP seven years ago, as i thought he was interesting. I've since bought "Wind In the Wires", "The Magic Position". However, I did sell them all on Ebay as they weren't worthy enough to stay in my collection.

I have the new single, "Hard Times". Once again, it isn't much of a single. The song itself sounds like an album track. I hope this isn't the strongest cut on the album. "Vulture" didn't create much of an impact (like La Roux did with "In For The Kill" - depsite the demo sounding production). He's joined by Eliza Carthy (violins) underpinned by Joy Divison-esque guitar. I suppose this is Patrick evolving and bringing fresh (to him, at least) and exciting elements to his music?

I almost want to send him my spare box set of The The albums. Even Matt Johnson could write hit - and, the lyric had depth and style too!

Wolf shows promise.
But, the clock is ticking!
It might be worth scrapping "The Bachelor" album.
Re-evaluate the standard of song/melody.
Then, start again.
Come back big and bold.
There are too many other UNDENIABLY GREAT artists in the world that are vying for our attention.
PW could be so much better than what he's currently offering.
Maybe change his A&R or Management for some stronger guidance?

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