The Mountain Goats & John Vanderslice - Moon Colony Bloodbath

New ep is recorded by two good musician John Darnielle and John Vanderslice, this EP is a concept album about organ harvesting colonies on the moon.

Check out Mountain Goats forum to read honest discussion of the fans about Moon Colony Bloodbath. Scorpio Rising where Vanderslice sings well has been a great song. My first impression is good, more and more exciting The Mountain Goats songs.

The Mountain Goats & John Vanderslice - Scorpio Rising

Tracklist and Notes:
1. "Surrounded" - 2:21
2. "Lucifer Rising" - 2:48
3. "Satori In Denver" - 2:35
4. "Scorpio Rising" - 2:30 *John Vanderslice has a great voice
5. "Sudden Oak Death" - 3:16 *John Darnielle's best vocal performance
6. "Columns Pillars Steps" - 2:31 *this song is great
7. "Emerging" - 2:54

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