Maximo Park Quicken The Heart - out 11th May

Third Maximo Park album will be released on out 11th May. The new single "The Kids Are Sick Again" is Out 4th May 2009. Register to download Free MP3 of new song ‘Wraithlike’ now!!! This becomes a trend, every band follows the same way.

Here's The Kids Are Sick Again's new video. It starts off dark but there are unique LED lights that illuminate each section. Maximo Park promises "Quicken The Heart", there are more powerful songs.

Paul Smith once again becomes a great singer with the song "A Cloud Of Mystery", such a great voice. On previous album there was a song named as "Books From Boxes", it was clear proof of this beautiful voice. Quicken The Heart needs more spin, then i can write down my high rating.

Maximo Park - The Kids Are Sick Again


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