Patrick Wolf - Vulture (2009 Single)

Love new Patrick Wolf song from "The Bachelor" album. It's dark, gothic and like his previous amazing songs. The photo is taken by nick thornton jones and warren du preez, and it looks damn good.

Patrick Wolf - Vulture (2009 Single)

Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position


janine on 12:20 pm said...

Hi, I am part of Patrick Wolf’s management team. Thanks for helping to promote the new album, however - the recordings remains the copyright of Patrick Wolf himself, and you DO NOT have permission to stream/give away/share the album or any of its content. Please help us by taking down your link/stream... For further information, please email

Janine (Team Wolf)

Anonymous said...

That tracks licks balls.

I'd be asking for the stream to be taken down too.

Universal were right to bin this trash.

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