Laura Gibson- "Beasts of Seasons" (2009)

Laura Gibson’s new album is out, and unfortunately “Beasts of Seasons” didn’t really astound me. It was all very lovely and emotional, but it was like reading a literary novel versus a piece of genre fiction…. It was all about careful development and exploration of the innermost feelings. In that way it filled the space of time it took to listen with the honey of Laura Gibson’s voice, and with her chatoyant musings and introspection. But there was no action, no twists, no particular magical moment that really hooked into me and didn’t let go. Just sincere, and at times face-slapping realism. And, to be honest, I found it, like too many literary fictions, a little bit boring. There was next to no variation in the sound of the songs, though beautiful, and I swear the songs and the spacing of the lyrics within them just got slower as the album went on. None of the songs stood out to me except for the charming and animated, ‘Spirited’. That one is definitely worth a listen.

But overall listening to the album was like dripping molasses. Very sweet and slow moving. If you hear one song from the album and enjoy it, I can almost guarantee you’ll like them all, and that’s not meant as a jibe. She has a very stable sound which she carries throughout the album and for those who love this style they will be sure to recognize Gibson’s newest release as a gem. I didn’t really enjoy “Beasts of Seasons” but I can see why it’s being called a masterpiece by those who enjoy this elegant type of singer/songwriter work.

This song isn’t on the album, it’s by a group called the Portland Cello Project, but it does feature Laura Gibson and the style is similar.

Portland Cello Project feat. Laura Gibson- Hands In Pockets.m4a


Anonymous said...

So how does someone who is subnormal, that is has below average reading skills and comprehension, become a writer and critic?

Perhaps you should consider going to college and learn to appreciate good literature and music.

Silver Penciled on 7:21 pm said...

How could someone who has never met me presume to know anything about me? I've been to college, four years worth (and yes, I got all A's), I've won numerous poetry contests, and I've written a 500 page novel. I've always had a higher reading level than my peers. So get off your high horse. I don't know what it was that prompted this, but I'd sure as hell like to.

When I come on this blog and write a critique I'm doing it in a casual manner. I write music critiques for *fun*. This isn't my job. This isn't my career. I listen to a wide range of music because I want to and I share my opinions on it in the hopes that other people will find music they enjoy by visiting the site. I always try to be respectful and if I really don't like something, I don't write about it. Maybe you should take the same advice.

bulut on 7:57 pm said...

just a silly sucker, do not care them!!! your writings are amazing and full of passion.

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