"The Camel's Back"- Psapp (2009)

Psapp is a little bit big band, a little bit singer/songwriter, a little bit rock and pop and orchestra and folk and electronic and bawdy brass and clicks and pots and pans and monsters…. and a lot of really fun sampling of awesome sounds. Their experimental songs, with a beats built up from crazy sounds of all kinds, are almost child-like but are so sophisticated at the same time, and that makes them really listenable. These songs draw you in, lift you up into the clattering, warbling, dream-like atmosphere of music that is Psapp’s wild imagination, and they don’t let you go until the album ends and you drift back down to the real world. I love this band and it was so exciting to be surprised by an entirely new release!

Listen to the full album here.

You should check out their 2006 album ‘The Only Thing I Ever Wanted’ as well, because it’s a great album too, with the songs ‘Hi’ and ‘Tricycle’ as stand-out tracks. This new album shows incredible growth while holding onto the clever brilliance that exemplifies this band. The new songs are even more accessible and will hopefully reach a really wide audience. You have to hear them to appreciate the full depth of this oddball but truly noteworthy album. It’s really, really worth it to listen to the whole album!

Ah! So exciting! I love this album!!! 10/10


Ctelblog on 8:48 am said...

Their version of "Year of the Cat" is quite lovely.

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