The Appleseed Cast - Sagarmatha

The Appleseed Cast is Christopher Crisci and Aaron Pillar with Nate Whitman and John Momberg.

Chris Crisci had this to say; "Well, the idea is still there, although it has morphed into a mostly instrumental full length. There's songs that have 45 seconds of vocals and 6 minutes of instrumental. There's songs that are entirely instrumental, and there's one song with complete vocals that clocks in at about 2:30."

I'm big fan of The Appleseed Cast, their "The End of The Ring Wars" album is one of the best indie rock albums in 90s. You should remember the cover art on left, if you follow this blog since years. I've used the cover art for the logo of this site. Some of you asked the band's name. However, they're very underrated like every miracle music band. After that, they come with their great, noisy album "Sagarmatha". Oh my God, this band never loses its soul, another great album.

Download: The Appleseed Cast - The Summer Before


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