The Parlor Mob- 'And You Were A Crow' (2008)

The band The Parlor Mob is making a hard hitting, howling kind of classic rock I don’t really hear at all in current music. Their album from last year is loud and exciting, carefully controlled and yet still wild, and it has a blaring pulse that borrows a lot from the past but which is updated and really relevant to now. It’s not indie rock, it’s not metal, or teen rock, nor the wimpy rock of modern rock bands. Their sound has been done, but it’s really unique and vibrant in the Mob’s hands. It’s a tribute band almost, but the tribute is all paid to the style and to the thrill of their own music. The singer’s voice ranges towards the weak side now the then—he sounds almost young and inexperienced compared to those classic sounding guitar riffs--but there’s so much passion being belted out with the lyrics that it’s really not a problem and his style just adds to the uniqueness of it. This album has a crazy amount of explosive potential behind it, and I find it kind of weird that I didn’t hear about it until the very end of last year and only then in passing mention. The album is ‘And You Were A Crow’ by The Parlor Mob.

The Parlor Mob- Carnival of Crows


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