Lower Heaven

With a haunting sound and ominously reverb drenched melodies, Lower Heaven live up to their name which they've taken from an Echo and the Bunnymen lyric. Absorbing and reinterpreting influences like My Bloody Valentine, Hawkwind, and the Jesus and Mary Chain, the band has been able to defy constraints of genre classification by keeping the song writing, arrangement, instrumentation, and production of their work unconventional and innovative. Having finely tuned a sound that is very much their own, Lower Heaven have been turning the heads of their local peers, building a strong fan base, and creating a word of mouth buzz in Los Angeles for the past year.

Just got the press release and i got so many emails thanks for love, everything. It's very hard to read and check all of your requests. If i've the power, i write about every great band who waits to reach more fans.

Lower Heaven seems very powerful, dizzy band. Lose it All at Once is an amazing, emotinal song.

mp3 downloads:
Lower Heaven - Lose it All at Once
Lower Heaven - Fruitless


Margaret said...

Love the band but every single music blog has only these 2 songs. WOuldn't mind hearing something different from this blog

paul on 3:14 am said...

Go to their myspace profile to hear half the album. It pops up in google!

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