Piano Magic - Dark Horses EP (2008)

A magical band from Uk, Piano Magic play electronica, post-rock, baroque, alternative, even dark rock music, and they're one of the greatest things that i've listened recently. If you like melancholic rock music such as The Smiths, Joy Division or Nico you should check this out. This Dark Horses EP is full of amazing, romantic and downbeat songs. These songs are great!

Piano Magic - Dark Horses

New Songs November 2008

1. The Killers - Human

2. Katy Perry - Hot n Cold

3. Bjork feat. Thom Yorke - Nattura | Listen
4. Deerhoof - Offend Maggie | Video
5. Seal - A Change is Gonna Come| Listen
6. Tracy Chapman - Sing For You

7. Thom Yorke - Tchk Harrowdown Jump Rmx | Stream

8. The Charlatans - Oh! Vanity

9. Ponytail - Celebrate the Body Electric

10. Beyonce - If I Were a Boy

"The End Has No End"- The Strokes (2003)

Because The Strokes are awesome. I've been listening to their three albums a lot lately and... they're awesome. What more can be said? I've heard they may or may not be releasing a new album in 2009 after a many year hiatus. Here's hoping. But it's just a random rumor I saw so who knows. For now, I highly recommend going out and buying their albums and enjoying. Oh, and listen to my favorite from 2003 album Room On Fire:

The End Has No End- The Strokes.

Tracy Chapman - Our Bright Future (2008)

New album "Our Bright Future" available November 10th (Europe) and November 11th (US).

The first song from Our Bright Future is Thinking of You which is a usual and sweet Tracy Chapman song. I'm loving the song!

Tracy Chapman - Thinking of You

The first solo in a decade, and you can reach tour dates here:

Find album details and listen new songs here:

Seal - A Change is Gonna Come (2008)

Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come" is covered by R&B artist Seal, like many Sam Cooke covers from R&B and Soul artists; Aretha Franklin ,Otis Redding, Al Green, Leela James. Wayne Brady. For me Seal's best cover song is Walk on By by Burt Bacharach. If you want to check it out Sam Cooke song by Seal's soft voice, then listen this!

Seal - A Change is Gonna Come

Peter and the Wolf - Mellow Owl (2008)

Texas based folk rock band Peter and the Wolf releases a new album after debut Lightness (2006).

Once you listen the whole Mellow Owl, you leave your chair with a pleasant smile on your face. Previous album Lightness is already full of peaceful tunes, and Mellow Owl follows the same line and included with many sorrowful tracks that i find amazing. Moondance Of Nightowl, Bottle Rockettes and City Birds are few emotional tracks of these amazing melancholic folk rock album. 7/10

Peter And The Wolf - City Birds

Ben Folds- Way to Normal (2008)

My main impression of Ben Folds' new album Way to Normal is that it jumps all over the place, and it doesn’t feel like a coherent unit. If it wasn’t for Ben Fold’s voice in each one, I could convince myself I was listening to a playlist of random songs. There is a thread tying them together, but it’s a thin one, and unraveling in places. I have to give it a 5/10, because after the first five songs the album, in my opinion, really falls apart. I would not have bought this album, but would probably buy a few choice singles. Ben Folds is a veteran artist but this album nonetheless feels really immature, repetitive, and clunky, with uninspired lyrics. The second play through was a little more satisfactory, but my initial impressions still remained. I think this an album where different people will have vastly different opinions on it.

The first song, Hiroshima (B B B Benny Hit His Head) feels more like a joke song, like something someone would throw together for fun. It’s hard to imagine that he choose it for the opening number of his album. Dr. Yang is a crazed bombast of sound condensed into a very small space. It’s a really fun song with some fiery piano playing, and it stands out like a lightning bolt amidst a lot of other dull songs.

The Frown Song is a pretty good song, and compared to most of the others, great. It’s catchy enough, and decent listening. It’s more like the Ben Folds you probably know and love. You Don’t Know Me is a good single. It’s undeniably the most popular song, and out of experience I can tell you it’s extremely catchy. Before Cologne is only 50 seconds long, and serves no real point but filler. I really liked the next song, Cologne, because it’s grounded and enjoyable to listen to, with a nice soft melancholy that still has the energy of the other songs. It was the only one with lyrics that felt worth listening to.

Errant Dog is kind of a lame song. It has some corny rhyming in the lyrics which just bugged me, and the background music is a mashing jumbled mess. The singing and lyrics overall are pretty poor. Free Coffee is really just a vaguely musical recitation of a boring day. I’d rather just have a boring day on my own and not spend four minutes listening his lousy day. The opening to Bitch Went Nuts is kinda funny, but it’s just another reiteration of the shitty day song, only involving a crazy girlfriend. At least it’s sort of and more musical, but still… it’s just not a song I’d put on my iPod. It’s like a madman played accompaniment for a college Sophomore who’s just ranting about his girlfriend on YouTube.

Brainwascht was flat and really repetitive, non-memorable, or memorable in a bad way. Effington was bordering on interesting, meaningful, decent… but didn’t actually go there. It just came off as cheesiness building up into annoying clanging piano. The singing in Kylie From Connecticut is a little vapid, but otherwise it’s a decent song, still not particularly memorable, especially the plodding section in the middle of the song which is pretty much dead air and a single piano key stroke every ten seconds. But at least this song is easy on the ears.


Ben Folds- Cologne

Bjork feat. Thom Yorke - Nattura (2008)

Strange, intelligent, sometimes natural and sometimes spiritual Bjork releases her amazing new single Nattura, and Thom Yorke has done some kind of sonorous backing vocals which he did before on Radiohead's Kid A record. Like The Dull Flame of Desire, it's another singular Bjork song.

Bjork feat. Thom Yorke - Nattura

Greatest New Songs 10

1. The Raveonettes - Young And Beautiful
Danish duo makes my mouth open, it's a powerful rock song (Should i say a shoegaze song?)

2. Coldplay - Lost
Official Promo Video for Coldplay's fantastic new single Lost uploaded on youtube. They sound better with the recent record, i think the band turns to an iconic rock band.

3. Duffy - Rain On Your Parade
Check the Duffy's new video, it's hot and good, now watch video on the tube.

4. The Verve - Rather Be
Negative reviews are always there, and i think i love The Verve's new Forth. Watch official promo video.

5. Paul Weller - Sea Spray

6. Levellers - Burn America Burn

7. Red Light Company - Scheme Eugene

8. Cut Off Your Hands - Happy As Can Be EP

9. Adele - Make You Feel My Love
New Adele single released Oct 27th, and it's another depressed Adele song. Listen

10. The View - 5 Rebbecca's
Your average indie rock or maybe punk rock band.

Flashback Music
Arctic Monkeys - When Sun Goes Down
From their debut record, When Sun Goes Down is one of the rare Arctic Monkeys songs which makes you listen more and more.

The Raveonettes - Beauty Dies Ep (2008)

Fluorescent AdolescentThe Raveonettes released Beauty Dies, the third in a series of four EPs they plan to put out by year's end. I actually do not like much the latest The Raveonettes album (Lust Lust Lust) even if i love this great danish duo. However, this Ep is surprisingly a great work. Young and Beautiful reminds me amazing and sweet My bloody Valentine songs such as Loose Yourself in Me.

The Raveonettes - Young and Beautiful

01. Young and Beautiful
02. Black/White
03. The Thief
04. Here Comes the End

Cinema Strange - The Astonished Eyes Of Evening (2008)

Fluorescent AdolescentThe Astonished Eyes Of Evening” is Cinema Strange's first official studio album, after long waiting!

This is very strange, dark and unusual music. If you don't like gothic music avoid Cinema Strange. Cinema Strange has been the most successful, most talked about, and most 'strange' gothic newcomer act in 1999. The Astonished Eyes Of Evening features obscure vocal performance, horror themes and this is great music for scary nights.

Cinema Strange - 'Ere The Flowers Unfold

The Damned - So, Who's Paranoid

The new album from punk legends The Damned, album isn't high-flying punk record like their debut record (Damned, Damned, Damned 1977), and it doesn't need to be the same. This is the proof how a punk legend still play music very well despite growing old.

"So, Who's Paranoid?" Certainly not The Damned, who have conjured here yet another collection of genre-defying songs which effortlessly sits alongside their classic albums.
It also features the first single "Little Miss Disaster". I was amazed with this record, i was expecting something weak. This is great melodic, beautiful music for sure! Go buy this album instead of stealing it.

Highlights: A Nation Fit For Heroes, Dr. Woofenstein, Perfect Sunday, Little Miss Disaster

The Damned - Little Miss Disaster

Oh No Oh My - Dmitrij Dmitrij (2008)

Byron Bay, AustraliaThe members in Oh No! Oh My! started playing music when they were just fourteen years old, and all of them play at least three different instruments. Wow, it sounds great, i was reading information from their Oh No Oh My myspace page.

They have a new Ep, and it's called Dmitrij Dmitrij. I have listened all of the songs from the new Dmitrij Dmitrij. Imagine a cross between Band of Horses, Of Montreal and Neautral Milk Hotel, and this is good.

Oh No Oh My - The Boy With An Anchor

Andrew Bird - Live In Montreal (2008)

Indie rock’s successful musician, singer and composer Andrew Bird has announced his next studio record is all ready to go. We've mentioned about his new song Oh No before.Noble Beast, the new album is due to hit shops January 27. We will see if this is another great Andrew Bird record like previous Armchair Apocrypha. I have no doubt that this record becomes awesome.

Before Noble Beast, i wanted to mention about a new live album available right this instant through his webstore. It's called "Live in Montreal", and it was recorded at the city's La Tulipe in September of last year with Martin Dosh and Jeremy Ylvisaker backing up Bird.

Andrew Bird - Why [Live In Montreal]

Cranes - Cranes (2008)

It's the first Cranes album for four years, i'm very happy to write for this band. One of the most stunning British bands of early '90s, Cranes were amazing with vocals Alison Shaw. Compared with unique dream pop bands like Cocteau Twins and My Bloody Valentine, new self-titled Cranes album shines all over with eleven amazing track. Songs such Invisible, Feathers and Wonderful Things provide haunting moments, you want to listen this album over and over again. There is none other like Cranes, there is nothing similar to them, and this record is one of a kind! Buy Cranes or please see this band live. 10/10

You can listen songs from the new album on http://www.myspace.com/cranes

Cranes - Feathers

Harold Budd & Clive Wright - A Song for Lost Blossoms (2008)

From time to time, i write about cool experimental stuff on this blog. Now, this is experimental music! Best ambient composer Harold Budd teams up with Clive Wright and the result is A Song for Lost Blossoms. Since Brian Eno is everybody's favorite electronic music composer, musicians such as Klaus Schulze, Robin Guthrie (of Cocteau Twins), Mark Hollis and Harold Budd are my all time favorite. This record is a modern classic, and he's sure a genius! 9/10

Harold Budd & Clive Wright - Forever Hold My Breath

Tegan And Sara - I'll Take The Blame (2008 EP)

Born in Calgary, Tegan and Sara began their musical path in 1995 and at the age of 26 have released 5 albums. I'll Take the Blame is the second major EP released by Indie group Tegan and Sara. It is available as a digital download only, from iTunes in certain countries.
My post looks like a copy-paste work, but i've recently discovered them and love their music so much.

01 - Back In Your Head (Studio Version) 03:01
02 - Back In Your Head (Tiesto Remix Edit) 04:57
03 - One Second 02:38
04 - I Take All The Blame 02:47

Plushgun- "Just Impolite" 2008

Sooner or later I’ll finish listening through the new Ben Folds CD, and I’ll get a review of the album up. Until then, enjoy this twinkly, juicy little song I stumbled across the other day. It’s off Plushgun’s aptly named Aug. 2008 EP ‘Plushgun’, and it leaves me wishing they had a real album out to chew on, and, omgguesswhat, they do in fact have an album coming out on November 4th. Pretty nifty. This song is like little spun-sugar spiders, or an early winter snowfall, or an aurora borealis dancing over the stars. Chilly and beautiful, soaring and sweet.

Plushgun- Just Impolite.mp3

Top 5 Song This Week

1. Of Montreal - Id Engager

2. Keane - The Lovers Are Losing

3. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Fix It

4. Annuals - Hot Night Hounds

5. The Decemberists - Valerie Plame


Feist - Leisure Suite
Combining jazz, alternative and rock music, coming from the album Let It Die (2004), Leisure Suite is one of my favorite Feist songs.

Muse - Origin of Symmetry
Between some good great modern rock band, Muse have the most exciting songs, that's for sure. In every Muse album, you find some addictive songs. Origin of Symmetry has flawless "Bliss", "Plug in Baby", extremly very dark Muse song "Dark Shines".

"Peach, Plum, Pear"- Joanna Newsom

This song, like many of Joanna Newsom’s songs, is an acquired taste. But I think it’s worth the handful of listens it takes to get past her odd, freak folk fa├žade and appreciate the beauty of the song she’s written. To begin with I could only imagine how wonderful the song would be if it was sung ‘right’ by someone else (I even hunted down a cover of the song by Final Fantasy). But then, imperceptibly over the fifth or so listen, her odd and twisty way of singing took over and I didn’t need to imagine that glamorized version anymore, because somewhere along the way her unique, squeaky caterwaul had turned into its own kind of beauty to my ears.

“Peach, Plum, Pear” is still a lot more accessible than some of her other songs. I’m thinking especially of “Emily”, a twelve minute long song/story that is more spoken than sung and has only a slight amount of accompaniment. That’s still a little more Joanna Newsom than I‘m ready for.

Another song by her that I *would* recommend, also from her 2004 album “The Milk-Eyed Mender”, is “Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie” (she seems to have an affinity for lists). It’s a more traditional folk song, and so it sounds like it was sung by a completely different person. I guess it’s proof she can sing ‘well’ aka traditionally.

Joanna Newsom- Peach, Plum, Pear

Ani DiFranco - Red Letter Year (2008)

From Ani DiFranco's mouth:
"When I listen to my new record, I hear a very relaxed me, which I think has been absent in a lot of my recorded canon," Ani explains. "Now I feel like I'm in a really good place. My partner Mike Napolitano co-produced this record - my guitar and voice have never sounded better, and that's because of him. I've got this great band and crew. And my baby, she teaches me how to just be in my skin, to do less and be more."

I loved Red Letter Year, it's been a great record. You know i'm addicted to melancholia. Red Letter Year, Alla This, Present/Infant, Smiling Underneath and The Atom are amazing tracks despite their old fashioned mode. This is her best record!

Ani DiFranco - Alla This

Ryan Adams and The Cardinals - Cardinology

Ryan Adams teams up with The Cardinals and makes his best work, Cardinology. The record is full of hooks, heartland-rock roots, some Grateful Dead, country influence of Gram Parsons, and some U2. I think Ryan's friends said him to go to rehab, he said yes unlike Amy Winehouse. And it does works on Cardinology. Great work. First single is promising, amazing and LOVED it.

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Fix It

Other Things You Might Like If You Like Cardinals Are:
clouds, laughing, kissing, pictures, tears, books friends, silence, noise, light, shadow, soup, snow,the 80's, the 90's,books about science,outer space, the unexpected, change, the moment, smiling, freaking out, kindness, mindfulness, and getting lost more...

The Organ - Thieves Ep

Less than two years after their breakup, the band releases maybe the last and sad six songs more. Grab That Gun (2004) is so hard to forget, it's safe and sound. Thieves EP is nice, The Organ regrouped and headed back to the studio to record these songs for the EP Thieves.

Even In The Night
Oh What A Feeling
Let The Bells Ring
Fire In The Ocean
Can You Tell Me One Thing
Don't Be Angry

Heather Nova - The Jasmine Flower (2008)

The beautiful voice of indie rock, Heather Nova releases The Jasmine Flower on October 2008. Twelve acustic songs touch to your heart and almost make you cry. On the song Out On A Limb, everything diseappears and only sweet voice of her echoes around you. Near closing, atmosphere becomes sweeter and sweeter, Say Something proves how beautiful she's singing along with her band. Always Christmas warmes inside of you, like a song written for you. Some songs are very satisfying here, expecting totally spotless songs is nonsense these days.

The Jasmine Flower is something very sad and good.
Heather Nova - Maybe Tomorrow

Antony & the Johnsons - Another World

The more moody music it is, the more i like it. Another World is included with smooth voice of Antony and magical music of the Johnsons. Every critic gives high marks to record if the record tells and matches something about their lives. Musically, Another world ain't much different than I Am A Bird Now (2005). However this is again glorious and heavy-hearted. Shake That Devil tries something both cabaret and avant-garde, brooding like the song Hope There's Someone. Sing For Me, Another World are all highlights here. Another World Ep is a romantic treasure! 8.5/10

Antony & the Johnsons - Another World

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