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My computer has broken down, and i couldn't post about any of those amazing new records. I've been listening to The Tiger Lillies' new cabaret shit Seven Deadly Sins, a very theatrical like previous Tiger Lillies albums. Have you ever heard about Firewater, a gypsy-like indie rock band! They wrote and recorded a new record [The Golden Hour] with the help of local musicians and other miscreants. Tamir Muskat (Firewater, Balkan Beat Box) produced it. You can watch about the singer of Firewater travel on youtube.

In Ghost Colours, most of you should hear about this record, a brand new Cut Copy record. It sound good, but it rapes lots of Human League, Lcd Soundsystem and Daft Punk. If you try to show me 80s music catalog again, i still prefer Boy George, Human League. Please please don't copy my favorite bands (crying!). Ok! Cut Copy's In Ghost Colours offers almost the most beautiful new indie thing.
Cut Copy - Lights And Music

M83 is another great thing that i've discovered recently. Noisy, powerful and experimental rock music. Let me die in your arms! From Saturdays = Youth record:
M83 - Kim & Jessie

And also i've listened a lot of The Smiths
I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour, But heaven knows I'm miserable now.

Something for the ears
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My Brightest Diamond - A Thousand Shark's Teeth

I wanted to mention about A Thousand Shark's Teeth, but i hadn't enough time to listen to it. however the opener track "Inside A Boy" deserves a strong mention. Opener and first single “Inside A Boy” is classic Diamond, slippery guitars meet with gorgeous strings and Shara’s powerhouse voice. Meloncholy and Noise are in the same garden of music, you can like or not, but the guitar chords and sweetest vocal performance gets value for my ears. I want to sing with her everytime i play this song. Solid!

My Brightest Diamond - Inside A Boy

Ladytron - Velocifero

Velocifero definitely sounds like Ladytron. Danceable, sad and glittering. Velocifero has some electronic elements in the sound spinning around some Gary Numan, Human League and Kraftwerk. First six tracks are nearly the most sharp Ladytron works. After, it becomes darker, and it sounds quite good. If you look other indie pop, electronic combo from the year, Ladytron may be the only recognizable name. A standout piece of electronic pop song, Season Of Illusions summers that, this band won't stop releasing albums like 604, Light & Magic and Witching Hour. They're all great, and have enough power to break into mainstream music. Fantastic!
Ladytron - Black Cat

Latest music
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James - Hey Ma

OOOOOOooooooooo! tim booth tim booth. Dance of the bad angels. Booth. Hey Ma! Morrissey's ringleader of the tormenters was a big diss... for me. Hey Ma is the only hope to love britpop again. Where are songs like bittersweet symphony, girl afraid, laid? The songwriting is dead or i'm deaf? I want new The verve record, who will send it to me? Questions are going to stop? Boom boom. Moby, play that fuc*ing song for the last time. As you can see, writing reviews can be so depressing at times.

James - Hey Ma

Chart climbers this week

1. Sam Sparro – Black & Gold
Sam Sparro is the best new single of week. I bet you like Black & Gold tune, sweet song, and also it's one of the best music video i've seen this year. I was reading his influences list which contains wide range of great names: Justice, The Avalanches, Portishead, Kraftwerk, Air, Amy Whinehouse, Serge Gainsbourg, Burt Bacharach, Kelis, Nina Simone, Steely Dan, MIA and check out his myspace page. He loves music!

2. Britney Spears - Break The Ice
Repeating Break the Ice, the song grabs my attention. Why? Because i love her. Break The Ice Video. Read my Blackout review.

3. Madonna [ft. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland] - 4 Minutes
Sex, music and dance!

4. Natasha Bedingfield feat Sean Kingston – Love Like This
Madonna and Timberlake's 4 Minutes can beat this, ya! This is more boring than new the hitest Madonna Justin collaboration. [Love Like This Video]

5. Isis - Holy tears
It seems a bit strange when a list comes with r&b and metal music at the same time. That's because you can find some worthy melody in any form of music. Holy tears is a great metal track.[ Holy Tears Video Youtube ]

6. Snoop Dogg - Sensual Seduction
I know this is not a brand new Dogg cut, i've discovered it recently. The song goes well on a monotone day.[ Sensual Seduction on Youtube ]

7. Foo Fighters - Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make Up is Running)

8. Scouting For Girls – Heartbeat

9. Blood Red Shoes - Say Something Say Anything

10. Boys Like Girls - The Great Escape
Worst, worst and worst song evah! [Watch video]

Flashback VideoGeorge Michael - an easier affair


Diamanda Galas - Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

With her explosive, four-octave voice has found regularly darker themes, Diamanda Gal├ís performs Guilty Guilty Guilty (2008) ; a new live music collection of tragic and homicidal love songs and death songs, from O. V. Wright’s 8 Men And 4 Women to Timi Yuro’s Time; and Johnny Cash’s Long Black Veil to Edith Piaf’s Heaven Have Mercy. Don't wait for full moon to be afraid, Galas brings the most gruesome atmosphere with her imponderable vocals. She's been described as "capable of the most unnerving vocal terror", you want more?
Diamanda Galas - 8 Men And 4 Women

Deus - Vantage Point

Vantage Point leaks with great impression on me! Vantage Point is set to out on April 21st! You can check their Myspace page. I also know that you love to steam albums before release dates, so what are your opinions about Vantage Point? In my opinion, it's been a solid dEUS record, Favourite game, The Architect and When She Comes Down are my favorite songs for now.
Deus - The Architect

Deus - The Architect

Belgian alternative rock band dEUS had previously released a new song named "Slow" featuring Karin Dreijer Andersson from The Knife. You maybe heard it via some other music zines (they can't be good than MM;) So, lets share "Slow" from new dEUS The Architect cd single. Slow is easy to forget, and the other track titled as The Architect works better. "Vantage Point" is dEUS upcoming record to release on 14th April.

Deus - Slow
Deus - The Architect

Rilo Kiley - Live at Fingerprints EP

Fingerprints EP ain't new, however i got reasons to post these acustic live tracks. First, my cat jumped out of window, and had a tough fight with street cats today. Luckily, I heard his screams "Miaawoo mia!" (Help Me!), then I jumped to help him. Finally Louie was saved and he's sleeping on my bed, he was so afraid (so do i). Rilo Kiley play for my little kitty! Second, one of dear readers wanted Rilo Kiley concert download. These are some of their best live songs.

Rilo Kiley - More Adventurous (Acoustic)
Rilo Kiley - A Man/Me/Then Jim (Acoustic)
Rilo Kiley - Somebody Else's Clothes (Acoustic)
Rilo Kiley - Ripchord
Rilo Kiley - The Good That Won't Come Out (Acoustic) [MM pick!]
Rilo Kiley - Does He Love You? [MM pick!]

Best Hit Singles

1. Crystal Castles - Courtship Dating
I fucking loved this song makes my hips this and fit, because it makes me wanna dance in front of my notebook. Ahh, also if you could check out new Moby record Last Night, it's included with fourteen dance hit. But Crystal Castles is the zippiest new track. Btw, i'm loving the new layout, do you like it too?

2. Radiohead – Nude
Slobby, lazy, gloomy... Radiohead.

3. Mariah Carey - Touch My Body [Mariah Carey Video]
Sexy, She's so hot!

4. Ladytron - Black Cat
The first track from Ladytron's upcoming album Velocifero. I think she's singing in Bulgarian, don't know if it sucks or not.

5. Roisin Murphy – You Know Me Better Video

6. Akon - I Can't Wait [Watch Akon Video]

7. Serj Tankian - Sky Is Over [New Serj video on his youtube channel]

8. Big Linda - Golden Girl
It's filling the space, ha!

9. Ida Maria - Stella

10. Cascada - What Do You Want From Me [Cascada Youtube Video]
This is the shi*est song of the week, enjoy;)

Best Albums of 2008

R.E.M. - Accelerate

Accelerate draws a line around the same circle, dazzling guitar driven, it sometimes calls lush pop melodies, sweet sugars, playful like what R.E.M. was since they've began playing their music.

Accelerate can be black at times. Cover looked quite dirty to me, as if this was not pop rock. If it was Gutter Twins (Greg and Mark's new lineup) record, that cover would be ok. I think Accelerate sounds sweet, but cover leech its energy. Stipe lyrics ,where R.E.M. fans will enjoy, are clever as always. I think you heard the first single, Supernatural Superserious. And the whole record rounds around that kind of dynamic guitars, yes rock power! I don't want to be a cranky boy giving a rating to this under 5 out of 10. This record can be rated as avarage like 6/10. Dull!

Back to Accelerate, One of the best thing about Accelerate is that the songs are so tight together. It gets your attention to some catchy guitar sections like in the song Sing For The Submarine. A perfect R.E.M. formula, i liked that song so much, sharp! Accelerate makes a noise, grab it!

MM picks: Supernatural Superserious, Accelerate, Sing For The Submarine

R.E.M. - Accelerate

Moby - Last Night

New Moby record "Last Night" is a real downtempo . I felt like i was flying in a purple sky. Druggy, dirty and cold Ny nights call you to dancefloor. When all is said and done, Last Night brings you to basement!The album was recorded in moby's home studio in manhattan ny and features a number of guest vocalists and includes the original 70's mc grandmaster caz one of the writers of rappers delight, sylvia from kudu, the uk's aynzli jones plus Smokey and SO Simple from the nigerian 419 squad.

Moby - Alice

John Mayer - Say

John Mayer’s Continuum will be reissued on April 8, 2008 on Columbia Records. The double-platinum album will contain the addition of Mayer’s newest hit single, “Say”, both on CD and vinyl (vinyl to be released on April 22). You know that i love adult tunes, so Mayer sounds good.
“Say” Audio Streams: Listen "Say"

Death Cab For Cutie - I Will Possess Your Heart

An eight minute-plus epic, "I Will Posses Your Heart" relies on a steady, chunky bass line as a mixture of ethereal, amorphous piano rattles and woozy guitars fire in the background. You can listen their the newest song from Death Cab Myspace page.

Death Cab For Cutie - I Will Possess Your Heart

Tune Up
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