Top Fifteen Songs You Probably Haven't Heard But Should (Pt.4)

Both laid back and energetic in turn, this song is only one of the really awesome songs that this band has produced. What Made Milwaukee Famous might have a bit of a mouthful for a band name, but their album ‘What Doesn't Kill Us’ is sweet simplicity bundled with crunchy, satisfying rock. For this spot I had to choose between ‘For The Birds’ and ‘Sultan’, and it was an extremely difficult choice. They're both great songs, but in the end this song is lesser known, and isn’t that what it’s all about? It’s got snappy lyrics, and plenty of regret, melancholy, defiance, and exasperation. There’s power and projection, but also quiet and introspection, and I really admire the singer’s voice quality. Here’s six on the list:
6- For The Birds- What Made Milwaukee Famous

Number five on this list is a true epic, but it’s about the most unexpected of subjects; the pinky toe. It’s the longest song on this list, and also the hardest to find. It may well be the most obscure song on the list. It has everything; whispered vocals that tickle over the skin, waves of quiet, vaguely organ-like keyboard, swells of gentle guitars. It’s stirring and expansive while staying hushed and musing, and it’s a sweeping tribute to that most underappreciated of digits. And never once does it come off as mocking or corny. This unique duet really does pull off the metaphor with grace and dignity, even if our poor pinky toes don’t get any of that.

Listen to it here:
5- Pinky Toe- A Weather

I waited five months to get this song. After hearing it in a summer preview ages ago I checked every week on iTunes, breath baited, and cursed vociferously every week it was absent, especially by the time the album had been out for a month. This song has so much power. I’m a bird lover, so this chilling lament was particularly appreciated, as was the band’s name. It’s a eulogy, but it’s also so captivatingly beautiful. Like John James Audubon’s painting of the extinct Carolina Parakeet. Jonathan Meiburg has such passion, and perhaps even more so, such a fantastic vocal range, which struck me as odd the first time I heard it because it was just too surprising to be appreciated. Every successive listen of this song just oozes into my soul and makes me love it more and more. The anticipation was not better than finally getting hold of it!
4- Rooks- Shearwater


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