Top Fifteen Songs You Probably Haven't Heard But Should (pt. 2)

Deerhoof is a weird and prolific band. I can’t claim to have heard even close to a tenth of all their songs. But of what I have heard, this is far and away my favorite. Yes, it’s weird too. But it’s just so catchy. I find myself humming it all the time, which is unusual for song that is so oddball; that la-la-la chorus is infectious good fun to sing along with. The singer, Satomi Matuzaki, gives the whole thing a child-like innocence, and though some people might find it off-putting I really love how her slightly broken English adds to the charming and somewhat bewildering mysteriousness of the song. Off of Deerhoof’s ‘Offend Maggie’, its:
12- Chandelier Searchlight- Deerhoof

Sometimes a song is all about fun. Sometimes it’s all about substance. I think this song manages to cram both into a four minute package. The jerky, bouncy vocals and beat are unique, the tinkling piano is wonderful accompaniment, and the chorus is easy to sing along with. The overall effect just commands attention because it’s ambitious and unexpected, grandiose and gallant, and best of all it makes me feel good when I hear it. It borders on the ridiculous at times, but it’s all so perfectly pulled together that I never go away feeling like it was silly. It’s also nice that there’s a chunk of song to bite into; it’s not a wimpy two minutes but a nice full piece with plenty of interesting lyrics crammed in. My number eleven song comes from the album ‘Let Live and Let Ghosts’
11- Good Day- Jukebox the Ghost

For a piece of work named after a lowly household item, this song really rocks. I love the rollicking piano woven all through, and steady rumbling train like beat. The lyrics are bright and charismatic, and Matt Vasquez sings with the delicious passion that I look for in a great song. He sings like his heart is about to burst with excitement as he shouts his love to the world. The first time I heard this song I listened to it ten times in a row, and its feel-good power has not diminished in the dozens of subsequent plays. I love a good foot stomping beat! The number ten spot goes to ‘Trashcan’ from the album ‘Ode to Sunshine’ by Delta Spirit.
10- Trashcan- Delta Spirit


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