Top Fifteen Songs You Probably Haven't Heard But Should (Conclusion!)

Well it’s late, and the new year has already arrived for half the world so I’ll keep this final post of the year short. Hope you enjoyed the countdown, and Happy New Year to everyone!

I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it, and it was only by chance that I ever discovered it in the first place so I feel lucky to have it at all. It’s bouncy and happy and spirit uplifting. In short, it’s just what we all need! This song is from the album ‘Exit’.
3- Parachute- Shugo Tokumaru

The lyrics in this song are beautiful, as is Judy Tzuke’s singing. The message is excellent, and the feeling of it is full of shades and sweetness. It's a good song to take to heart. It comes from the album ‘Dive Deep.’
2- Enjoy the Ride- Morcheeba

Drum Rolllllll….
And here it is. The number one song of 2008 you probably haven’t heard! It might be repetitive to say keep saying ‘I love this song’ but… I love this song. I just do. Those ‘a la la’s are as infectious as heck, and there’s passion, there’s great lyrics, total uniqueness, and that special little (big actually, this song is so grand in scope and sound) something that just makes a song outstanding. From the album ‘The Stand Ins’, in the number one spot and finishing up this year in music, it’s:
1- Lost Coastlines- Okkervil River

(My favorite song of the whole year was still ‘Head Rolls Off’ by Frightened rabbits, but I already featured it once. Heh heh. Happy new year again!)


Matt Vogt on 11:55 am said...

Hey, thanks for all those!
I'm not a follower of any of the music you've highlighted here (and I don't know how I got to this page!) but I just listened through and enjoyed the lot.

Especially the Shugo Tokumaru track; that was really out there...

FullFathomFive on 5:44 pm said...


I feel a bit of indie pride in having get to the Lost Coastlines maybe a nanosecond before you! The other two are new to me however so thanks for the tips.

Happy New Year!

my music blog on 8:02 am said...

Nice list. But I wasn't able to hear them. =( An error message "bandwidth exceeded" appears when I click the link.

Well, I'll try next time. I'm just curious about the songs.

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