My Best Christmas Songs

Every end of years, i share songs more different than classic Christmas songs!

The Flaming Lips - Once Beyond Hopelessness (Christmas on Mars 2008)

Sally Shapiro - Anorak Christmas ( Disco Romance 2006)
Not always slow tunes match to Christmas best, Anorak Christmas makes you jump and sing in a beautiful, hopeful way.

Cocteau Twins - Frosty The Snowman (Snow 1993)
One of my all time favorite Christmas tune!

John Cale - Child's Christmas In Wales alternate version (Paris 1919 1973)

Joni Mitchell - River ( Blue 1971)
She provides such amazing moments, River is from her classic album, and the song is just magical and glorious.

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Fko on 1:08 pm said...


I can't hear them , it shows a banwidth exceeded message :-(

Thank you very much and congrats for your blog!!!

Lily said...

hey, what about The Singing Butts version of Jingle Bells?

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