"Sushi"- Kyle Andrews

If I had to pick a current favorite song, this would be IT. I’ve only had this song for three days and I’ve already listened to it more times than I can count (actually, the play count says 15. But it’s SO GOOD IT SEEMED LIKE MORE). ‘Sushi’ is pure fun, and it’s got an awesome beat. There aren’t very many songs that make me want to leap up and perform some kind of ridiculous dance right here in front of my computer. But this one does. And I’m not the ridiculous dance type.

Kyle Andrews has an album out, ‘Real Blasty’, and I really want to get my hands on it. He describes his music as alternative/acoustic/electronica which is a fascinating mix, since I would have thought acoustic and electronic music were mortal enemies fated never to meet lest one should perish in the ensuing battle. So it’s odd to see that they have spawned child as intriguing as ‘Real Blasty’. Download this song, cherish it in all it’s sushy goodness, and then go to his MySpace page if you want to download his free music sampler too.

Kyle Andrews- Sushi



bulut said...

wow Ally! great song reminded me of Grandaddy, John Vanderslice or The Killers;) I'm looking forward to read your opinions about New Order reissues.

miss b on 1:14 am said...

love it, thanks for posting :)

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