"Rose Grenades"- St. Just Vigilates (2008)

I just discovered this new band while surfing around looking at new releases, and their minimalist sound and enchanted, hypnotic, mantra-like music snagged my attention immediately. The band's write-up about their music on MySpace is a little... out there. Okay, a lot out there. To quote only a small portion, they say "It’s a cactus trance of ancient metronomes, ESP murmurs and pomegranate flavoured candy canes". I have only one thing to say.

This song is chilly.

It's the kind of thing you'd expect to form a glaze of ice on your speakers, and I would not be surprised to hear it show up in a movie about serial killers. Scratchy, off-tune strings stalk through the whole song whilst the twinkles of stars (or bells or knives?) in the night dance in the foreground, as the vocals lurk beyond in the cold.
Judging by the songs I've heard thus far, St. Just Vigilantes new album Pastor of Oaks, Sheppherd of Stones promises to be a mostly meditative (AKA quiet, trace-inducingly dull) experience. This song may well be the standout in an otherwise flat CD.

St. Just Vigilantes- Rose Grenades


Blair on 1:47 am said...


That is a band I think you might like, and I think kinda fits your blog. It is their new ep leak, I included the cover and everything. You should check it out and post, if you think your readers will like it, I like the stuff you put on your blog and I love this, so I assume others will!

Their name is Darling's Cabinet of Sundry Horror, and its kind of like gothic folk/protopunk/indie/circus music, For fans of the birtday party and the violent femmes, and maybe even marilyn manson or Tom waits.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I can't say it's my taste, but it's interesting. very ghoulish.

-silver penciled

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