The Rifles - The Great Escape

Title song will be the first single of next The Rifle record. I loved The Great Escape, however i haven't listened new album but The Great Escape Ep. The first album was amazing, i'm looking forward for this.

The Rifles - The Great Escape

1. Science In Violence
2. The Great Escape
3. Fool To Sorrow
4. Sometimes
5. Toerag
6. History
7. Winter Calls
8. Out In The Past
9. Romeo And Julie
10. The General
11. For The Meantime


Anonymous said...

fool to sorrow is so good, constantly in my head ha!
god i want tickets to see them now so bad!

Anonymous said...

ha yeah "fool (fall) to sorrow" is ace! bought it this morning and had it blasting from my laptop most of the day. new album next week and instore at fopp, whoop!

Anonymous said...

oh go buy their album aswell! its brilliant, been listening to all day, cant get enough it

check and click itunes button.

itunes is probably the best bet...its pretty easy to do!

Harry said...

yea the album is pretty ace! i just got my ticket to see the lads at the roundhouse next month, think their on their euro tour atm!

Ed said...

Coor if anyone has any pictures of the lads from any of their shows you can post them on their flickr profile.

Mike said...

Jeez man didn't realise they were playing so many festivals this year too, just heard their playing isle of white and a bunch of european festivals in germany and holland...just hope they play reading now! :)

Jack said...

Thats well good news about the festivals their doing, hopefully see them in the isle of white :)
just watched 'the general' music video these guys did, its bloody amazing...

hannah said...

sweet to hear from some die hard rifles fans, i think i also fall into that category too.
i was bummed i didnt see them in berlin on the third, i was over there on hols :(
ah well its breda tonight for them, the euro tour looks like its going well for em!

Kris said...

might not help ur situation hannah but the guys have been writing blogs whilst on tour so u can see how the shows went n stuff, virgin music have been documenting it..
real interesting read!

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