Greatest New Songs 10

1. The Raveonettes - Young And Beautiful
Danish duo makes my mouth open, it's a powerful rock song (Should i say a shoegaze song?)

2. Coldplay - Lost
Official Promo Video for Coldplay's fantastic new single Lost uploaded on youtube. They sound better with the recent record, i think the band turns to an iconic rock band.

3. Duffy - Rain On Your Parade
Check the Duffy's new video, it's hot and good, now watch video on the tube.

4. The Verve - Rather Be
Negative reviews are always there, and i think i love The Verve's new Forth. Watch official promo video.

5. Paul Weller - Sea Spray

6. Levellers - Burn America Burn

7. Red Light Company - Scheme Eugene

8. Cut Off Your Hands - Happy As Can Be EP

9. Adele - Make You Feel My Love
New Adele single released Oct 27th, and it's another depressed Adele song. Listen

10. The View - 5 Rebbecca's
Your average indie rock or maybe punk rock band.

Flashback Music
Arctic Monkeys - When Sun Goes Down
From their debut record, When Sun Goes Down is one of the rare Arctic Monkeys songs which makes you listen more and more.


Tim on 2:52 pm said...

Lost is a great song but I think Violet Hill is my fav off the new album. And I love Adele, but "Make you feel my love" is probably my least favorite track on her CD. That girl has got some pipes. Check out her live performance on Interface if you get the chance.

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