TV-2- For Dig Ku' Jeg Gøre Alting (2007)

Sometimes I go the iTunes pages for other countries, just to taunt myself with music I can't actually buy. Some of these bands and songs I've eagerly hoped will show up on the US version, but my hopes are usually dashed. Why can't great music that's not in English or Spanish (or isn't the most blasé of J-Pop) manage to cross the oceans? A long while back I stumbled on the new album from legendary (in Denmark) Danish band TV-2, and I knew when I saw the titles of the songs (Mere Sympati På Gaderne, Håbløst Forelsket I Dig etc.) that it would never see the light of day over here. Which is a hideous shame. The album, For Dig Ku' Jeg Gøre Alting, is amazing. It's fantastic, really. Like a Danish Coldplay, in a way. It's sparkly, it's soaring, and I'm sure the words are passionate and meaningful. They're certainly sung like they are. I'm still working on finding all the translations for the lyrics, but then again, who really needs them? It's perfectly good listening anyway.

I'll never understand why some people have such an aversion to listening to music they can't actually understand... for me, it's all part of the fun. I seek it out, and I'm always disappointed by how hard it is to find. This album deserves a great big 9/10 (though that may be boosted a bit by my love for music that's not in English). I look forward to finding out more about the band whose discography is apparently into the double digits.

There's the title track, one of my favorites:

TV-2 - For Dig Ku' Jeg Gøre Alting

Other favorites include S.O.M.M.E.R. and Håbløst Forelsket I Dig.


Thomas said...

File not found :-(

Silver Penciled on 10:16 pm said...

It's corrected now.

milo said...

link doesn't work. :(

Silver Penciled on 4:00 pm said...

I took it down because Usually remove links after about two weeks, but I'll put this one back, just because it so hard to find and this band needs promotion.

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