Plushgun- "Just Impolite" 2008

Sooner or later I’ll finish listening through the new Ben Folds CD, and I’ll get a review of the album up. Until then, enjoy this twinkly, juicy little song I stumbled across the other day. It’s off Plushgun’s aptly named Aug. 2008 EP ‘Plushgun’, and it leaves me wishing they had a real album out to chew on, and, omgguesswhat, they do in fact have an album coming out on November 4th. Pretty nifty. This song is like little spun-sugar spiders, or an early winter snowfall, or an aurora borealis dancing over the stars. Chilly and beautiful, soaring and sweet.

Plushgun- Just Impolite.mp3


Anonymous said...

Love it! I saw them live in New York last weekend and they completely rocked out (singer, drummer, and guitarist). Can't wait to hear more.

Flug Kuba on 5:25 pm said...

Great! This is the right way of music. The song is great, with a liddle bit of appreciation and humor. Anybody knows if the band plays in europe too?

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