Lou Reed - Berlin Live At St. Anns Warehouse (2008)

One of the most influential and very necessary rock icon in music history, Lou Reed plays Berlin fully at St. Anns Warehouse in over 30 years. Lou Reed remade the masterpiece, his third studio album for Julian Schnabel's concert film "Lou Reed's Berlin". The concert film was directed by Julian Schnabel, live at St. Ann's Warehouse in Brooklyn, NY during five nights in December 2006. I do not listen live albums much. However, this is Lou Reed and he makes me listen to his amazing guitar solos. Plus, there is a sweet Antony duet on the song "Candy Says", a very sweet one. Antony is everywhere, they had worked before on I Am A Bird Now (2005), the song was Fistful Of Love.

Lou Reed - Candy Says (with Antony)


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