Keane - Perfect Symmetry (2008)

The mention on Spiralling was truly right on the spot, it was the first single from this album. Perfect Symmetry is the third album by successful English pop/rock band Keane. Some calls them as piano band, i'm sorry but this doesn't make sense! This is not Chopin, it's a great rock band not piano band. 'The band have completely transformed their look and their new album is said to be also very unexpected' already been said, do not believe something like this, Keane follows the same way on this album. The band have only transformed their sad sound to a little bit happy sound in some of the songs. They sure change their sound a bit on every new Keane record, every single band does in this way.

3th track Better Than This truly madly deeply takes the roots from David Bowie's hit single Ashes to Ashes, and i loved the song! This sounds better than Under the Iron Sea. 7/10

Highlights: Spiralling, Better Than This, You Don't See Me, Pretend That You're Alone

Keane - Lovers Are Losing

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