Frightened Rabbits- Heads Roll Off

I thought I'd share a song which has really inspired my love of music, and which seems to fill me up with joy every time I hear it, the kind of joy you'd get from looking off a mountain towards the distant horizon. The warbling vocals took me completely by surprise the first time I heard it, and the same goes for another of my beloved songs from Frightened Rabbits, 'The Modern Leper'. I didn't think I liked it after the first listen. But I gave it a second chance, and over time the song gradually took hold of me. I heard the depth of the lyrics, the passion of the singing, and the beauty in the simple beats and guitar strums.

I don't think I could ever get tired of this song. The Scottish accent of singer Scott Hutchison is bewitching, and so is his message of mortality, futility, and hope.

Frightened Rabbit- Head Rolls Off.mp3

The song comes from the album 'The Midnight Organ Fight', released in April 2008


bulut on 12:59 pm said...

It's actually a great song which grows on me too! Right on the spot!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic song.

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