The Damned - So, Who's Paranoid

The new album from punk legends The Damned, album isn't high-flying punk record like their debut record (Damned, Damned, Damned 1977), and it doesn't need to be the same. This is the proof how a punk legend still play music very well despite growing old.

"So, Who's Paranoid?" Certainly not The Damned, who have conjured here yet another collection of genre-defying songs which effortlessly sits alongside their classic albums.
It also features the first single "Little Miss Disaster". I was amazed with this record, i was expecting something weak. This is great melodic, beautiful music for sure! Go buy this album instead of stealing it.

Highlights: A Nation Fit For Heroes, Dr. Woofenstein, Perfect Sunday, Little Miss Disaster

The Damned - Little Miss Disaster


Mr. AARP said...

Absolutely. This album just proves that they can keep expanding their genre. "Nature's Dark Passion" shows that Dave Vanian has the best voice in all of England.

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